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some economic determinants of FDI in Pakistan, like GDP growth rate, volume of exports, human population, tariff on imports, and price index. Volume of exports has been emerged the most powerful determinant of FDI.In developing country like Pakistan private investment is also playing crucial role. Khan and khan (2001) attempted to analyze the determinants of private investment by using ARDL co integration technique to check the existence of long run relationship as well as short run dynamics of investment. determinants of investment in pakistan pdf

Background: During the last two decades Pakistan was one of the most attractive countries that received Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) among developing economies, and especially in first half of

Abstract: This paper analyzes the determinants and causes of low foreign direct investment in Pakistan and examines why Pakistan have been relatively unsuccessful in attracting FDI. The time series data from the period is used. Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in India, Indonesia and Pakistan: A Quantitative Approach M. Azam, Ling Lukman Journal of Managerial Sciences 33 Volume IV, Number 1 FDI is one of the most important forms of international capital flows. determinants of investment in pakistan pdf Determinants of FDI 7 Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Business Management (ISBN: ) 5. Specification of Variables and Data Description 5. 1 Endogenous Variable The foreign direct investment to Pakistan is taken as dependent variable.

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Flows to Pakistan Ahmed Nawaz Hakro, Ikhtiar Ali Ghumro The Journal of Developing Areas, Volume 44, Number 2, Spring 2011, pp. determinants of investment in pakistan pdf This study has analyzed the determinants of foreign direct investment in Pakistan. The determinants have been examined are GDP per capita, Labor Force, Openness, and Tax on International Trade. Ouattara B. (2000) analyzed the long run determinants of private investment in Senegal using time series data over the period of. It uses Johansen cointegration as estimation technique. The results provide an important insight into the determinants of private investment. and private investment in Pakistan using time series data The Pakistan Development Review 42: 4 Part II (Winter 2003) pp. The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan: an Empirical Investigation The paper empirically identifies the determinants of growth in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Pakistan over the period 1961 to 2003. Our main interest is to study how different variables or indicators reflecting trade, fiscal and financial sector liberalization attract FDI in Pakistan.

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