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May 05, 2013 Starfish Dissection, review of anatomy For dissection equipment http: amzn. to2vfMwaj.2. Look at the ventral side and draw a picture of what you see. Title your diagram External Starfish Structures and label the following structures: o tube feet o mouth o gills 3. With the starfish dorsal side up, note the sieve plate. 4. Use scissors to cut off the tip of each arm (about 1. 5cm) 5. Cut along the sides of these five arms. starfish dissection guide pdf

BIOLOGY TWO DISSECTION THE STARFISH PHYLUM ECHINODERMATA CLASS ASTEROIDEA PART ONE EXTERNAL ANATOMY. 1. Distinguish the oral side from the aboral side. 2. Locate the central disk and the aboral madreporite 3. A pair of arms, the bivium, borders the madreporite. The other arms form the trivium. 4.

6. Feel the upper surface of the starfish for spines. These spines protect the starfish and are part of their internal skeleton. Label these on figure 1. 7. Look at the tip of each arm and find the eyespot. Label this on Figure 1. Figure 1 Aboral Surface Procedure (Oral Surface): 7. Turn the starfish over to its ventral or oral surface (underside). 8. Starfish Anatomy Dissection Ocean Science I remember doing this dissection in high school. Find this Pin and more on living creatures by Andi D. The echinoderm is of the Phylum Echinodermata, which is a phylum of marine animals. starfish dissection guide pdf Draw an arrow on Figure 5 tracing the path that water takes when it enters& moves through the starfish. Figure 5 Water Vascular System. Starfish Anatomy Questions: 1. What type of symmetry did your starfish have? 2. What is the upper surface of the starfish called? 3. What is the lower surface of the starfish called? 4.

After dissection it will be difficult to find, so make certain to call attention to this feature before you begin the dissection. starfish. High school students guide explorations and ask focus questions (above). Students compare how humans move, digest, breathe, etc to how starfish might do these same jobs. starfish dissection guide pdf Starfish Dissection Lab 75 points 1. Follow the directions for the dissection as given in the dissection guide. a. Basic steps include: i. Examine external aboral (dorsal) structures ii. Examine external oral (ventral) structures iii. Sever arm near central disc and examine 1. Cut along lateral sides& then along dorsal surface of the severed Times New Roman Arial Calibri Comic Sans MS Default Design STARFISH DISSECTION PowerPoint Presentation STARFISH Starfish (sea stars) Come in a variety of colors. . . and sizes Not all starfish have 5 arms SYMMETRY PENTARADIAL (5 armed starfish) INVERTEBRATES (No backbone) PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation A comprehensive, stepbystep dissection guide complete with photographs and illustrations. This 28 page manual is intended to guide the student through a dissection, with italicized instructions. Anatomical terms and key terms are listed in the back. starfish dissection lab answer key pdf format it takes me 23 hours just to get the right download link, and another 2 hours to validate it. internet could be bitter to us who looking for free thing. right now

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